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Best 3D Imaging Gold & Metal Detector 3D Ground Navigator

Best 3D Imaging Gold & Metal Detector 3D Ground Navigator



United States
Virginia US

3D Ground Navigator – Best 3D Imaging Gold & Metal Detector

For all prospectors in the world for gold treasures and precious metals, we introduce you the latest German technology in 3d ground scanning and metal detection ever.

3D Ground Navigator is a unique device with awesome Telescopic Super Sensor technology and three search modes for all needs of professional prospectors.

By using unique Telescopic Super Sensor technology the user perform 3d scanning of underground layers and the data saved in memory of the device then it can be transferred to bundled Windows 10 Tablet PC with Visualizer 3D software that analyze it and displayed as 3D graphics figures on the screen that present the real structure of scanned area with colored graphics that enable the prospector to know the type of buried objects and its size and shape and dimensions before excavation.

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3D Ground Navigator available exclusively by Orient Technology Group, with free shipping to all countries and free technical support

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