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Garage door Repair Services Dallas, TX | only @ $26.95

Garage door Repair Services Dallas, TX | only @ $26.95



11816 Inwood Road, Ste 115
75244 Dallas , TX
United States
Texas US

We are the top provider of gate & gate opener repair in Dallas, Texas. Why? According to the locals who have used our team at Dallas TX Garage Door, we offer the best prices, we care the most about our customers, we are easily accessible, and we come right away when needed. A broken opener can result from a damaged circuit board, a broken belt or chain, parts that are loose, or even age. If you notice that your garage door becomes stuck while closing or opening, the problem might be the opener. Let us come to take a look.

Some of the opener related services we provide include:
• Safety Sensor Repair or Replacement
• Motor Replacement
• Gear and Sprocket repair
• Wall Button/Wall Station Unlocking
• Safety Eye Alignment
• Broken Chain or Belt Replacement
• Opener Replacement
• Circuit Board diagnostic and replacement if needed
• Lube and Tune up of openers
• And more

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