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Mega Scan Pro 2017 | Gold, Metals, Cavity and Diamond Detector

Mega Scan Pro 2017 | Gold, Metals, Cavity and Diamond Detector



United States
California US

Mega Scan Pro 2017 | Gold, Metals, Cavity and Diamond Detector.

Mega Scan Pro 2017 is all in one device that can detect all types of precious metals and gold treasures and even diamonds and gemstones or anything underground.

Mega Scan Pro 2017 Features:

• New Ionic Scan System that used to detect ionic fields that result from the buried metal for long periods underground , the best for gold treasures hunters
• 3 Search systems for all needs of professional prospectors
• Enhanced Long Range Locator System as it can now detect targets from further distances up to 2000 m
• It can detect targets up to 40 meter depth (Long Range Locator system)
• 10 Programs (LRL System only) to detect following targets:
• gold treasures – gold nuggets – silver – bronze – copper – iron – platinum – cavity – gemstones –diamond
• Magnetometer system to detect magnetic metals

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